My name is Carolina Rojas. I live in Barcelona. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Audiovisual Communication, and a master’s degree in Corporate Communication Management, and I am also a design and architecture enthusiast. My interest in that field was sparked by seeing my father, an architect, surrounded by drawings, plotters and scale models. This fascination soon became my profession, conveying its transformative power through brands such as Santa & Cole and nanimarquina.


As a communications specialist and brand and content strategist, my mission is to help clients and organisations build inspiring, relevant and meaningful brands by means of a solid and coherent narrative. Using a holistic and cross-cutting approach, I develop and execute strategies to position brands in a fast-changing market that is increasingly saturated, globalised and competitive. My work begins with researching and analysing the context of each brand to unlock its value elements and competitive advantages. It also entails planning, creating and disseminating content that is honest and authentic, has a human touch, and provides a sense of belonging to a community with certain shared values.

This approach ranges from short-, medium- and long-term collaborations to ad hoc projects.


Brand Identity, Brand Narrative, Brand Positioning, Communication Plan, Content Strategy, Storytelling, Social Media, Copywriting, Writing, Events & Fairs.